Michelle Kaye Lagunsad

Vancouver based front-end developer

by trade

I currently work as a web developer at Intergalactic Agency. I specialize in UI/UX development and have four years of experience building production-ready digital interactions: from static mailers and responsive landing pages, to dynamic dashboards and interactive web apps.

at heart

I've always loved art for as long as I can remember. My undergraduate studies were spent studying design for print and digital media (my favourite classes spanned the full design gamut: from typography in editorials to human-computer-interaction with respect to cognitive science). I worked as a freelance graphic designer for a few years and acted as Creative Director for a student-run social media agency. Read more

Featured work

Aside from my personal portfolio, these projects were created in collaboration with an incredibly talented team of designers, back-end developers, and biz at Venture Media Labs, where I worked as the sole front-end developer for four years. View all